Code of Ethics
When you see the TNIADA logo in a pre-owned dealer's window, You can expect quality.

As TNIADA Dealers, we will...

...encourage the American system of free enterprise

...stand by any guarantees given with the sale of a car

...employ truth and accuracy in advertising and selling

...guarantee the title of every car sold by the dealership

...comply with all city, county, state and federal laws and shall endeavor

...will not sell former taxicabs, police cars, salvage or flood titles vehicles without full disclosure to the consumer

...furnish every purchaser with the proper documents to transfer ownership from the dealer to the purchaser and to keep ourselves informed of these changes in laws

...have a general duty of integrity, honor, and fair dealing toward the general public

...not intentionally injure the business reputation of another member or competitor and will not perform any acts that brings disrespect to the motor vehicle industry

...expose or halt, wherever found, any scheme designed to deceive or defraud the used car buying public and will aid in prosecuting those guilty of such acts

...strive constantly to improve our business methods to the end that the public will be better served

Code Ethics 1
Code Ethics 2
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