COVID Stops Production

COVID Stops Production

The virus that has the world on lockdown will continue to wreak havoc and will ultimately get worse before it gets better. Meaning, businesses will feel a major impact as employees fear their health will be impacted if they continue working. Detroit, Michigan is feeling the impact enough to completely close factories.

What does that mean for dealerships? Used dealerships will have the upper hand of vehicles as factories move to shut down or working with limited staff. New dealerships will have to catch up after the lack of manufacturing but will have time to plan and create new models that will wow the world.

But in the meantime, what can dealerships do to continue sales and boost consumer trust? Virtual, everything is going virtual and so should your dealership. Host a Facebook live video to reassure your customers that you are conducting business as usual. This will help ease their fears a little more to know that not everything is going under.

Just like a real estate agent would do a virtual tour of a home, dealerships can and should do virtual tours of vehicles they have currently on their lots. This is a great time to revamp that website to make room for these videos and to spruce up old information that you maybe haven’t had time to address in the past.

Another idea could be the delivery of purchased vehicles. Everyone wants to stay away from others as much as possible and what better way to continue to make sales than to do personal deliveries. How exciting, like your wife receiving an amazon order that she can’t remember what was purchased.

What about virtual test drives as well? Most people don’t want to buy a vehicle they haven’t driven. So, using dashcams, just like virtual tours, take each vehicle for a test drive and show your customers how great the vehicles handle. (This is also a great way to give employees more hours when the fear of losing valuable working time is in the balance.)

Other techniques may need to be a little more creative, such as letting your consumer into the background of your dealership. Show them what you are doing to keep your business together. What are you doing to help your employees stay safe? How are you helping the economy? Are you supporting any food banks or helping in some way to deliver necessities to those in need?

Boost moral with employee made skits. Have a contest with your employees to come up with a new commercial and post the videos for your followers to vote on. This gets engagement, gives everyone a reason to smile and everyone benefits including your business.

When businesses show that they won’t be held down when chaos strikes it helps consumers realize that life will be ok, the world will keep turning and we will bounce back. Those that stay in view of consumers will come out even stronger when life returns to some sort of normal.

By Gabriel Cole

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