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Dino J. Grisanti - King Cotton Auto Group

Dino J. Grisanti

Dino J. Grisanti - King Cotton Auto Group

My family has been in the restaurant business in Memphis Tennessee since 1909. As a young boy working weekends and summers for my father, I met many car dealers that often came into eat. I knew that was the business I wanted to pursue.

As a young man in 1986 I began my automotive career. I was trained mentored by some of the finest leaders in our industry. With a strong work ethic and perseverance, I worked my way up the ladder. As a young General Sales Manager with the Dobbs Group, I went to our underperforming stores. My goal has always been to build a solid sales team create a profitable bottom line and most of all maintain exceptional customer service.

In 1996, along with a group of investors we were able to purchase a General Motors dealership in Oxford, MS and in 1998 we purchased a Ford dealership in Baldwyn, MS.

In 1999, along with a group we founded the Oxford University Bank. As the real estate market offered many opportunity’s, I founded Eagle Property Management and C and G Properties. We built and developed both residential and commercial properties.

December 2007, I sold my business to join the Landers Group. Where I was the General Sales Manager. Over the course of eight years we became one of the most profitable Nissan stores in the Nashville region. This was possible by the increase in sales of both new and used cars. Our first goal is always to take care of the customer and maintain high customer service.

December 2015, I became Managing Partner and President of the King Cotton Auto Group in Covington, TN. We represent Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Hisun. Our group also runs an independent used car operation, King Cotton MotorSports. In addition to our retail businesses, we own Trustmark Warranty Service Inc and Western Dealers, LLC.

Our main focus is on a part of our business started a couple of years ago, KING COTTON CARES. This was started to support the children of West Tennessee. King Cotton Cares supports the promise of a rewarding future for our children of West Tennessee. We seek to provide financial support to our local education systems and local charities that share our vision and dedication to helping children realize their maximum potential. We support 38 Parent Teacher Organizations in seven counties. We also support the Carl Perkins Center for underprivileged children. Our largest charity is the Go Lucy Go Foundation. This is inspired by a wonderful 11-year-old girl who has been fighting brain cancer for eight years. The foundation helps children and families in need at St Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN.

I also serve as a Board Member to the Tipton Covington Chamber of Commerce and am looking forward to being an active member of the TNIADA Board for years to come.

My wife, Caroline, and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in May of 2020. We have a wonderful set of 19-year-old triplets who are freshman at the University of Mississippi.


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