Limited Supplies

Limited Supplies

The fact that multiple tornadoes passed through Tennessee isn’t new news, but the growing concern for COVID-19 is impacting the recovery efforts for those affected by the tornadoes. From food to cleaning supplies and even personal hygiene products, supply stations for those affected by the tornadoes are running scarce.

People are still needing clean clothing, food, semi-permanent shelter, personal hygiene products, clean water, and other family items, but where are they to find these items when the US is running scared and stocking up on all of these items for themselves.

There are still several buildings and houses in ruins, and families still stranded. Without necessities, bouncing back from the devastation is harder than ever. The world in mass chaos over the virus creates a blanket over what has happened in Tennessee with the tornadoes.

Last issue we did an article about #Nashvillestrong and how neighbors have gathered to hug, pray and clean. Nashville and surrounding areas with tornado damage still need your help and attention. The hurt and devastation of that time don't just float away. While many are stocking up to hunker down, others are wondering what to do, where to go and how to continue to live in a world where everything they once knew is gone.

If you have unused resources, speak out. Remember your neighbors who have been affected by the devastation. While at this time everyone needs something. Find a way to barter what you have for something you need. We all need a little more encouragement in these uncertain times but most of all we need each other.

If you have a specific need, please reach out to us. We may be able to help find someone who can fill that need and restore balance to our small section of the country. If you have resources that you could provide to someone in need, please also reach out so that we may help connect you.

You can contact us by emailing our publisher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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