Top 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Made

Top 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Made

Top 10 ugliest cars ever made

By Holly McPherson

Fiat Multipla- This vehicle has a funky windshield hood thing going on that makes the car look like it has a wrinkled forehead. Although reports of the interior state that it is roomy and comfortable. Maybe it would work for grumpy cat. 

Volkswagen Type 181- Also known as the Thing in the US, this vehicle was described as looking like a biscuit tin. It’s hard to tell what it is as it reminds me of a large can of tuna.

Nisan Cube- A box on wheels but a swoop in the tail. This vehicle looks like someone entered the wrong dimensions to the computer. The whole vehicle has straight edges until it comes to the rear of the car. The bumper sticks out like an unnecessary fashion statement.

Sbarro Autobau concept- Looking like hair clippers on wheels, this car is as ugly as it performs. This 80’s style should probably stay in the ’80s.

Nisan S-Cargo- Like a smooshed minivan this car has a high ceiling and short trunk. The perfect vehicle for a snail-eating giraffe?

Fiat 600 Multipla Marinella- If a van married a golf cart this would be its offspring. Possibly perfect for beach towns with the open sides but not an ideal everyday commuter.

Suzuki X 90- Almost like making a Chevy Sprint into a convertible and then wishing it would become a muscle car. This car will get you dumped on the first date.

Pontiac Trans Sport- All I can say is “Back to the future van style”. This van truly looks like the Delorian stretched to fit a family.

Vanguard Citi Car- First of all, where do I put the bread, and where is the lever to toast it?

Subaru Brat- I couldn’t end this list without the Brat. It’s not a car or a truck, but a hacked up station wagon. It even includes back seats, that face backward, like the older station wagons. “Come on kids. Hop in the car. You’ll never know where we are headed but at least you know where we’ve been”.

Coming soon:
Embarrassing cars our families owned growing up. 
Let us know what car you had growing up that you hated to be seen in. 
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